Search with Variables

This function enables you to search for plants in this database based upon up to three different search criteria. The database system responds with all matching plant names including their actual valid names. Query is restricted to plants of the Agavaceae family.

You can work with one, two or three criteria which must be used consecutively.

With operator "equal" the search pattern can start and/or end with the wildcard character "*". With this you can also find a value which is stored at any position of the data field.

The task is to find all plants published by Gentry, which names begin with a character "c" and which belong to the subgenus "Agave".
Criteria 1: Author - Operator 1: equal - Search Pattern 1: *Gentry*
Criteria 2: Name of Species - Operator 2: equal - Search Pattern 2: c*
Criteria 3: Subgenus - Operator 3: equal - Search Pattern 3: Agav*

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